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Could James Bond be a Chef? Should The Ghostbusters have their own restaurant? What would Indiana Jones and Laura Crofts wedding look like? Maybe you wanna find out if Conan The Barbarian could teach Sex Ed? We have the answers if you're curious... Welcome to The Reel Debaters, where real life meets reel life Micheal Petrow and Martin Navarro with their best good friends have gone too many sleepless nights while these and more questions like them continue to go unanswered. Each week you’ll hear 4 cast members sit down, come up with a new tussle and compare, contrast and insult each other with our takes for your listening pleasure. We’ll insert ourselves into the movie or tv show and see how we fare or bring the characters into real life scenarios and see if our bull S*&t holds water AND as a bonus give you access and interviews in the Canadian film industry via their home province of Manitoba, Canada. Wanna know who you’re listening to and their wheelhouse? Micheal Petrow: 90's/Early 2000's ..actually just everything. Martin Navarro: Sci fi/Fantasy Jimmy Skinner: Horror and B Movies Rob Strachan: Audio/Video and Classic Cinema Mark Cowell: Pop Culture and Popcorn Movies Ian Bawa: Director/Actor and Independent Films (on rotation) Charles Fernandes : Comic Book and Super Hero (on rotation) Tune Wednesday for a new episode and if there’s something you wanna hear beaten to death send us an email
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep.60 "You Shall Not Pass"

    This week on The Reel Debaters we have movies with AM radio, who punches Rick Morranis, movie props to hang in the house, Micheal gets preachy about Star Wars marketing, Shredder is now called Papa Shreddy according to Jimmy, what did we watch this week and a debate about recasting ...


  2. Ep.59 Cult Movie Night At The Park Theatre

    This week on The Reel Debaters we go live from [The Park Theatre]( for Cult Movie Night #2 Movie of the night: Cemetery Man (1994) directed Michele Soavi, starring Rupert Everett,Francois Hadji-Lazaro and Ana Falchi Jimmy Skinner, Micheal Petrow and Cory Thomas give their take on the script, acting, directing and kills ...


  3. Ep.58 "With great power comes great responsibility"

    This week on The Reel Debaters Rob Strachan tells us how he likes his junk food, Micheal Petrow tries to explain TENET(2020) with a spoiler alert but it'll help you in the end, Mark Cowell thinks the empire had the right to blow up Alderaan in Star Wars, Martin Navarro ...


  4. Ep.57 Reel Talk: "What women want?"

    This week on The Reel Debaters Michael Petrow and Mark Cowell sit down with Chrissy Latimer(Marks partner) and Jackie Armstrong and have a fire side chat to get a better idea of what women want in a leading man on screen, romantic tropes, real life comparisons and dickens cider in ...


  5. Ep.56 Doug Morrow #2

    This week on The Reel Debaters Makeup Artist Doug Morrow does round 2 with Micheal Petrow and Jimmy Skinner live from his studio. They go over the evolution of its use in movies, we quiz his eye for what he likes and we asked him to go over some of ...